11 JANUARY 2003, Page 24

An ill-tempered rant

From Mr Eric Taylor Sir: I suppose I am a kind of counterpart to Herb Greer (Letters, 28 December 2002), since I am a Brit living in the US. I can assure him there are many schmucks here, too, both those who 'sneer at Bush and the war against terror' and those who think that no troops other than those of the US fought in either of the two world wars, or in Korea, the Gulf or Afghanistan. But I have too much respect for my hosts to point this Out to them in the ill-tempered manner he has chosen to use. If I did so, I would probably be deported, since dissent is not viewed quite so tolerantly over here.

Aside from which, if Mr Greer really believes that, but for American intervention, the Germans would have defeated us in either war, then he hasn't learnt much about the British during his stay. Where does he think that America gets its national characteristics of determination and standing up for what is right, if not from its British forebears?

Eric Taylor

Port Charlotte, Florida, USA