11 JANUARY 2003, Page 24

From Mr Anthony Pilling Sir: Andrew Gimson's interview (`The last

trade union hero', 28 December 2002) with Jack Jones was a fine example of why Labour and socialism can never work in the long term. It is all about pulling down the successful and raising taxes. Jones, who has during his lifetime reached positions of power and influence, has achieved absolutely zero. He has in no small way contributed to industries being lost, jobs exported, balance of payment problems and widowed families from the deaths of those involved in the stupid Spanish civil war.

Compare this with the achievements of even a modest capitalist from a similar background, such as a small shopkeeper or garage proprietor. These people have created jobs, contributed to their community and improved the overall lot of mankind. I know who I feel should be the most satisfied.

Should anyone have any lingering thoughts that perhaps Labour/socialism may not be so bad after all, let them read the article and understand what is at the heart of every Labourite's private thoughts.

Anthony P.M Pilling


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