11 JULY 1835, Page 10


Arrived—At Gravesend, July &h. Duke of NorthnmIwrlaml, Pope. from Bengal; 711, Si. Laareace, Iingsup, from Mauritius ; Cacique. Pulliam, Irum the Cape ; and 'Wary, Ileacl.crott. from Van Diemen's Laud ; Silt, Abel Gower. Mauro; awl Gruen, Dalrymple, fra.n China ; Satsclut Patma. Spriggs, from Mauritius : 9.11, Asia, 110100. Ito ,t Mallow : awl Bebe. Currie, from Manilla. At Deal. 711a. Ellen. Disou. Ern Van Oi..inen • Laud ; awl Daphue. Todd. from I 91h. Valliant, Loader. from Cevlon. At Liverpool. 4th. Enpltrates. Henning. front lamina; 511., Maliolturelt. all, from New South Wales ; roil Thomas lhalgall. Brown. from Sill ; tatel6,11. Primes' Charlotte. Bisset. tour. New $(1U1 II 11 ales. At the Cape. April ifeh. se" ens Ilraillta site ; and 20th Morning Star, Linton. front I OUI1011 May 5th. a\lobartam. Nadine, from China: Sth, Madras. Peach, loam Madras; and tinkle Darold. Lancaster. from Bengal ; Silt. Thomas •Itook, Blowy. from 1111111011 s and Be Sean. M • I ...tat from M mart ins ; 111141 I Illt, E I izahet It. Kelso. awn Bowl . At II hay. Nary. Tuck. r ; 'frolic. King ; Sarah. ;sinus; Mutt. 11111; au I Bridget Crosld train Liverpool; Noce Beirut. BourctIner, from Loinklu; and Julio Canild.r41. Cleland, *QM lilt. Cl \ de. At China, h.)). 6th, Duncan. Randall. frOM Liverpool. At Volt Hie. Rwn's Latal, March 3d, Waterloo. Cow, front London. At New South %%ales. Feb. Palmer. France, from Leith ; kith, Jane. Bruin; March 4th, Outchess ortlitantberland rod Warrior, Slone. from 1.0011011; and Silt, Thomas Harrison, larrisou, from ditto ; and Lady Kenna% ay. Holum. from Cork. &HO,' — Front Gravesend. July 3d. Hove, Giles. for the ; 5t11, Bombay, Routh ; far China and Carnatic ; for Bombay; Gil,. M Werra, Templar. tar China ; and Ponce George. Shaw, for Madras; Silt. Augustus tasmr„ Wiwntau. for New $011111 W11110%; Marquis Camden. Dribble, fur China; and Charles Kerr, Arnold. for Bombay. From Liverpool. June 19.h, Laurence, Gill, for Bengal; and July 4th, Albion, Al% wad, fur Bombay.