11 JULY 1835, Page 12



As the important 20th day of July approaches, symptoms of ins creased activity are visible in the hostile camps of the Liberals and the Tories. The Tories profess to feel some alarm at the energy of their antagonists, and the comparative supineness of their own friends. We wish that this alarm may be well founded; but we do not believe in its existence because the Tory papers and their correspondents pretend to feel it. This may be merely a ruse to excite their partisans to greater exertion, and instil a false confidence into the Liberals. At the same time, we are happy to observe that the Tories in and out of Parliament are not in good heart. Were they really assured of the existence of "reaction " in their favour, they would not resort to the dangerous and odious prac- tice of dragging the King's name into the quarrel, and appealing to the religious bigotry of the ignorant. There is certainly something very like desperation in the Tory manner of conducting the contest. But for all this, let not the Reformers imagine that they can afford to relax their efforts. We can tell them, that the Tories have been at work quietly and sedulously even in districts where there seems scarcely any necessity for exertion on their part. In Shropshire, for example, where the Tories were so triumphant at the last election, and where the influence of Tory landlords pre- ponderates so much, their organization has been perfected with great industry. They have not relied upon their superior strength, but have laboured as if parties were nearly balanced. Yet the public has heard little or nothing of their proceedings in that quarter. Depend upon it, the Tories are secretly at work all over the country—in the obscure as well as the more important districts. It will be found when the day of trial arrives, that they have re- tained almost every country attorney on their side. In Notting- hamshire, we have been told, nearly every country solicitor has re- ceived a retaining fee—generally of ten guineas.

Now the Reformers must labour to counteract this system of combination. Much may be done in the ensuing week—the most interesting and important week of the year. If the Liberal party is not on the alert during the next few days, we shall see a Tory Ministry in power, backed by a majority of the House of Com- mons, next February. _

The requisite information in regard to registering of votes, making claims, objections, &c. may now be bad in adnu,st every town and district. The Tory attornies will take care of the in- terest of their employers; but the Liberals must act fur thett,icls es.