11 JULY 1835, Page 15


Fier rov,

fats s of the Peeraee and the Peasantry. Edited by Lady Mere. la 3,.(45..Beek Cutter ; or the Fall of Alex co. By Bird. Amino of " Calmar." lu 3 vol..


The Empress; a Novel. By G. Beam P, Anent of " The Albanians" In :cols.

Smith and Elder.

is 401.g. like:0.cl of Bertmola. Fusette Harriet Lloyd. With Map and Plates.

Cederane and Co.


A I I i.tort of Cr■Ten. By the Bev. Connop Th'rloall. Fellow of Trinity College, Cantividge. Vol. 1. (Lardu is Cabinet Cyclopedia, No.64).

Longman and Cu.

I 1.T.: 0", The llistory of the Assa,sins; derived from Chiental sources. By the Chevalier II:most% Author of the 't Ilistot!, or not Ottornan Empire," &e. twin the itertnan, by On Omani. Chatles Wood, M.D. &e.

Smith and Elder.

Pol.ertt- tl. ECONOM y. An It,' ,:t t. into the Nature and Cannes of the Wealth, of Nations. By Adam Smith. ). ith a Conanemaly. By the Author England and America." In 6 letanwt.t. lit:I. 1. Kr,i4tht. Nvt-t: xi. II IsTotte, 'ea Sidi Compatdon; or" Natural !history. By Mary Roberts, Author „!. l'oret,t teated A unnak," " Cobehologist's Cumpattieu," Itze. &e. With illus. 11..1 iNe Wouttents by Baxter H hittalter and Co.