11 JULY 1835, Page 7

Between twenty and thirty persons were brought up on Saturday,

before Mr. Francis Twemlow and a bench of Magistrates, at Stafford, charged with having been concerned in throwing stones at the military during the Wolverhampton riots. The Chairman sentenced them respectively to six, five, four, three, and two months' hard labour. Severnl had been previously discharged on their own recognizance?: ; and the bill was ignored in respect to one matt ( Edward Silvey) fur throw- ing at the military; the principal witness being too ill to attend and give evidence before the Grand Jury.

On Saturday morning, John Urinters, of Sacomb, married a widow with four children, from an adjoining parish ; applied to the Overseers for work, and to the Board of Guatdimis for assistance, all within Me space three hours !—Het tibrd Wormer., A few days ago, a singular combat was witnessed in the yard of Mr. George Johnson, razor-mam-facturer, between a lien and a large rat. The rat approached the place where the hen was brooding her chickens, as it appeared, to take a share of some grain with which they had been fed, when the ben attacked it. '!'he rat stood on the defensive, and fought for five minutes, but was killed by its antagonist. Th. ben was severely bitten in the engagement, but is fees • Ted.—Sheffield lade- p mdent

The Royal Tar steamer, with Colonel Evans's troops on board for the Questa of Spain, has been obliged to put into Plymouth, for repairs.