11 JULY 1835, Page 7

The catalogue of offences this week is unusually numerous, and

some of them are of the worst deseription.

A clergyman, who recently resided in the vicinity of Leicester, has decamped greatly in debt. Among the cr«lituble claims upon him, is one for 401., due to the Sunday School children of his parish, who had placed that stun in his custody by small we..kly soiree" iptiuns. On Sunday last, in the middle of the day, three titivates belonging to a light cavalry regiment in the WWII of Maidstone were swaggering :about the High Street in a state of intoxieation, and one of them flourishing his naked sabre, in a style greatly calculated to ahem and annoy the peaceable passers-by.—Correspondrat cif the Times.

There have been serious disturb:lures at Great Bircham, iu Norfolk, owing- to the execution of that part of the Poor.law which enacts that relief should be given in kind instead of money. The •peasantry rose in a body against the parisleoffieers, refuted to work for the farmers, and assaulted two men who were willing to work. Some of the parties were (heedfully bruised ; and the house of Mr. Kitton, the principal farmer of the parish, was broken open, and the furniture piled up and set on fire. The mob increased to the number of about eight hundred,

and were only dispersed by the arrival of the military : the fire was extinguished before mac damage was done. Two other houses were attacked in the same manner. The soldiery soon put down the rioters, without bloodshed ; and now most of the discontented have returned to their work, and all is quiet.

On Sunday, the body of a man was found in Toxteth Park, near Liverpool. He had evidently been murdered ; and four persons were examined on suspicion of being the criminals, but three of them have been discharged.

Early on Monday morning, Mary Ahdpas, who lived as servant to a person near Nantwich, in Cheshire, was murdered by a man who had attempted to violate her, and who afterwards hung himself.

On Sunday afternoon, a murder was committed tat Plymouth, by Henry Honey, the son of u musician, who cut his wife's throat. There is no doubt of the man's guilt, but his motive is not known.

William Rainey, as labourer at Eastwick, in Hertfordshire, was mur- dered, on Monday last, by Thomas Darby, his step.father, who "ran his scythe into him." The murderer was rather drunk at the time, but had not quarelled with the deceased : they had been dining together in u field which Darby- was mowing. Darby, however, admitted that he wished to kill the deceased.

A lad about twelve years of age, named Marshall, living in North- ampton, a few days since hung himself in his father's garden. No motive can be assigned fur the act, as lie was with his father and in the most cheerful spirits but ten minutes before.