11 JULY 1835, Page 7


Dr. Whately, Archbishop of Dublin, has been summoned to attend in London, and will take his departure on Thursday next. I have heard that Ministers deem it necessary to confer with his Grace on certain provisions of the Irish Church Bill recently introduced by Lord Alorpeth; to which, it is said, he entertains strong objections. It is understood that his Grace, although a member of the Irish Board of Education, disapproves of some minor details in the working of the new system —Times Dublin Correspondent. I e the Court of Common Pleas, Dublin, on Saturday, a Special Jury case, of great importance, which had cat-copied the Court six days, was brought to a termination. The parties in the cause were " Lord Trimbleston versus Keinmis ;" and it was tin action of ejectment on the title, brought to recover possession of the manor of Roebuck, and on the issue of which property to the amount of. 400,000/. depends.. The Jury gave a verdict for the defendant.

Aunt eases from Limerick, a aye, and Galway, have been, or ure about to le presented to the L d Lieutenant.