11 JULY 1835, Page 8


The Vice-Chancellor is to be appointed Speaker of tic Home of Lords. This arrangement is merely temporary, for the purpose of allowing Lord Chief Justice Denman to proceed um the t •iretrit. There is to be no new Commission of the Great Seal. —Coeeiar.

It is rumoured that the Earl of Mint() is to he at the head of the Commission for inquir;itg into the opportunities of religious worship, means of religious hist' ustion, and pastoral soots illtendell'A! afforded to the people of Scotland, mud into the funds available fur the purpose of the Established Church of Scotland.—Courier.

According to the Morning Chrmicle, the Earl of Durham will sail up the Mediterranean, lead visit Constantinople, ( 'des sa, and Sebas- topol, on his route to St. Petersburg. The benefit which Lord Durham's health will probably receive from the lengthened voyage, is assigned by the Chronicle as the inducement fur his Lordship to take this roundabout road to St. Petersburg. It is easy to suppicsa. how- ever, that business as well as health or pleasure bay have something to do with it.

The Earl of Clare, late Governor of Bombay, has arrived in town from India.