11 JULY 1835, Page 9



The Anglo-Spanish expedition progresses but slowly. Of the "ten thousand" auxiliaries, not more than about 700 have yet de- parted. When, in 1826, the Portuguese Government applied to ours for the aid of 5000 men, the 5000 men carried our answer to Lisbon! In 183'2 again, Oporto was saved by the promptitude with which Eng- lishmen answered Don PEDRO'S call for assistance. This also is a case for prompt action. The summer is passing away. Does Colonel EVANS contemplate a winter campaign ? Hardly, we should think. But perhaps he is controlled by the Spanish Ambassador : if so, the fact ought to be known, in order that no political responsibility may attach to the English commander. Much is expected from him ; and if he has authority to do what he thinks best, he will have to bear the blame of whatever evils may result from unnecessary delay. The Queen of Spain wants soldiers—not paragraphs in the newspapers : hitherto, there has been too much writing, and too little recruiting. If it should be necessary, we shall return to this subject next week.