11 JULY 1863, Page 2

Mr. James Spence has fallen into discredit in the Confe-

derate States for promising on their behalf that the independ- ence of the South should issue in the destruction of slavery. The Richmond Enquirer, like the Richmond Examiner, con- ceives that slavery is of the essence of the Southern nation- ality, and lectures the Government severely on employing Mr. Spence as their agent. "We sincerely trust," it says, with regard to Mr. Spence's politic view, "that it is not con- sidered 'politic' to encourage this delusion in the English mind, by way of disposing them to consent to recognize us." We fear that it was not only considered politic, but that it was so ; but we thank the Southern newspapers heartily for doing all they can to dissipate this " delusion. '