11 JULY 1863, Page 2

The Hon. George Augustus Hamilton Chichester, heir- presumptive to the

Marquisate of Donegal, has this week appeared in the Divorce Court for the third time. He was co-respondent in the ease of "Lloyd v. Lloyd and Chichester," and then in that of "Mare v. Mure and Chichester." The decree dissolving the latter marriage was pronounced on lstSuly, 1859. On 9th August Mr. Chichester married Mrs. Mure, and he has now applied to the Court to declare the union void. The- application was, of course, granted, as no divorcee can marry within three months of judgment—a fact Mr. Chichester, with his large experience in such cases, would, one would think, have known. His solicitors, however, assert, in a letter te. the Morning Post, that he was about to apply for a divorce from his wile on account of her conduct, and then first learned that the marriage was null and void. Even with this excuse, the case is just one of those which create the vulgar belief that the. class to which Mr. Chichester belongs is exceptionally immoral.