11 JULY 1908, Page 1

On Tuesday in the French Chamber M. Jaures once more

questioned the Government on their Moroccan policy, and once more the Government triumphantly survived the ordeal. In fact, the Government victory appears to become easier every time. The House listened with manifest im- patience to M. Jaures, and he did not risk the humiliation of a division. M. Pichon explained that the occupation of Asemmur by General d'Amade was entirely due to the cutting off of his despatch service by raiders. This had pre- vented him from protecting the Shawia as France was under an obligation to do ; but immediately order was restored at Asemmur, which was done without fighting, General d'Amade had retired. The rumblings in part of the German Press seem, therefore, to be unnecessary. There is no French aggression, and we may hope that the temporarily disturbed German Bourse will recompose itself.