11 JULY 1908, Page 2

The King has been very busy with public work this

week. On Monday, accompanied by the Queen, he opened the new buildings of the Leeds University, and on Thursday their Majesties visited Bristol, steamed into the new dock at Avon- mouth on board the Royal yacht, and declared it open. The King's speeches showed, as ever, verbal felicity joined to genuineness of feeling, and were touched with a note of spontaneousness very difficult of attainment in such formal pronouncements. In his speech on the shipping trade the King pointed out that the pre-eminence of England could be retained, on the one hand, by upholding the old character of the English sailor for skill, courage, and endurance, and, on the other hand, by adopting the most efficient means of transit and by increasing the facilities enjoyed by our shipping. In replying to the address of the Bristol University College, the King foreshadowed the elevation of the College into a University, and in the reply to the Merchant Venturers he dwelt upon the need of technical education. The King's reply to the address of Clifton College will give pleasure throughout the English-speaking world, for old Clifton boys are to be found wherever the British flag flies. In this speech the King specially commended the inclusion in the school curriculum of "civics,"—the study of the British Constitu- tion. He spoke also of the very large number of old Cliftonians who are to be found in the Army. Before leaving Bristol the King knighted the Lord Mayor.