11 JULY 1908, Page 24

RZADABLZ NOVELS.—The Japanese Spy. By Lancelot Lawton. (Grant Richards. 6s.)—A

picturesque story, showing with no little skill the recto and verso of Japanese life.--Shadowed. By Barbara 'Glynn. (John Ouseley. 6s.)—A fairly good detective story.—The Future Mrs. Dering. By Thomas Cobb. (T. Werner Laurie. 6s.)—In this book Mr. Thomas Cobb tells in his usual lively style 'the story of four young people who play a sort of "ladies' chain" with their engagements. It is agreeably and cleverly written.—Vane Royal. By the Hon. Mrs. R. D. Forbes. (John Long. 6s.)—A society story of an unfortunate marriage.