11 JULY 1908, Page 24


[Unaer this heading we notice such Rooks of the ueel: 04 have not bee* reserved for review in other forms.]

Souvenir of the Quebec Tercentenary. (Published by Authority of the British Committee. 1s. net.)—This handsome souvenir has been issued in connexion with the Wolfe and Montcalm Memorial —the birthday gift of Britain to Canada—and all profits from the sales will go to the fund. We strongly recommend our readers to buy a copy from the nearest bookshop or bookstall, for by doing so they will not only assist in an excellent and public-spirited work, but get a very good shilling's-worth of entertaiment. The souvenir contains articles on Champlain and Montcalm, and a brilliant account of Wolfe and the siege of Quebec by Mr. A. G. Bradley. There are programmes of the Quebec Pageant and the visit of the Prince of Wales, and the whole is fully illustrated with photographs of the makers of modern Canada, as well as reprints of pictures of Montcalm and Wolfe and old Quebec. The plan of Quebec showing the disposition of the French and British forces during the battle is one of the best that we have seen. A special feature will be found in the articles which tell the history of some of the chief institutions of Canada,—the Canadian Pacific, the Grand Trunk Railway, the Bank of Montreal, and the Canadian Bank of Commerce. The souvenir is invaluable to all who may be going to Canada this month, and to all who wish to inform themselves about the great events which are being cele- brated there. We hope that every one will assist the British Committee by buying a copy.