11 JULY 1908, Page 25

The Works of James Buchanan. Collected and Edited by John

Bassett Moore. Vols. I.-II. (J. B. Lippincott Company. £12 12s. net the set of 12 vols.)—James Buchanan is known, and not very favourably known, on this side of the Atlantic as the President who was in power when the Secession crisis occurred. It is scarcely fair to judge him by the event. The traditional view of State rights obscured the vision of many statesmen. • Secession had been threatened more than once. On one occasion certain New England States started, if we remember right, a flag of their own. Anyhow, Buchanan will now have full justice done to him. The piety of a relative has made it possible to publish this complete edition of all the records of his political life, his "speeches, State-papers, and private correspondence." ,