11 JULY 1908, Page 3

The names of the ten Members who had the courage

and good sense to vote against the third reading were Sir F. Banbury, Mr. Butcher, Lord R. Cecil, Mr. Harold Cox, Mr. Hicks Beach, Sir P. Magnus, Lord Morpeth, Mr. Rawlinson, Mr. J. G. Talbot, and Mr. Walrond. The tellers for the rejection of the Bill were Mr. Bowles and Sir H. Clraik. Mr. Balfour, as we have said, and the Chief Opposition Whip abstained from voting. The number of Members who abstained because they were opposed to the Bill in principle, though they were not prepared to proclaim the fact openly by their votes, must have been large. Still more considerable was the number of those who voted for the Bill contrary to their real opinions. A huge Parliamentary majority never represented less in the way of genuine personal conviction.