10 JULY 1941, Page 2

Mr. Lyttelton at Cairo

Mr. Oliver Lyttelton, Minister of State representing the War Cabinet in the Middle East, arrived in Cairo last Saturday and is already exploring the immense field of work which lies before him. His duties will not overlap those of the Ambassador, Sir Miles Lampson. Aided by an Advisory Council, he will be concerned with British policy in regard to Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Abyssinia and Somaliland but not Egypt. He will also attend to the question of transport and supplies. Relations between the British Forces and Free French, Polish and Belgian detachments have their political as well as their purely military bearing. Many administrative questions such as should not be left to purely military authorities have already arisen and will arise. The relations between the Free French and the British in occupied Syria have to be considered, and the re-establishment of a civil Government satisfactory to the Arabs in Damascus and the surrounding territory. The greater part of Abyssinia already looks to the Emperor and the British behind the Emperor for the maintenance of law and order. Mr. Lyttelton is the man on the spot representing the Government both in regard to delicate problems of inter-Allied and foreign policy and the setting up of civil Government. His task is one which calls for statesmanship of the highest order.