11 JUNE 1864, Page 1


THE diplomatic news of the week is important, but uninteresting. The Danes, it will be remembered, objected to extend the armis- tice to more than a fortnight, on the ground that the interval was used to denationalize Schleswig. The point was "referred," and the German Courts have expressed their perfect willingness to recom- mence killing Danes on the 2tith of June instead of the 12th of August, a .concession which, as Lord Palmerston said, will be heard by everybody with satisfaction. The Premier must have great confidence in the Danes' chance of heaven. On the other hand, the Germans adhere to their proposal to make the dividing line at Apenmde, e., to take three-fifths of Schleswig, and consider the offer moderate, perhaps on the old Suffolk ground. A Suffolk labourer's son took his father a pie, and the old man, in his desire for justice, said, "We'll divide fairly ; ytm cut and I choose." Boy, being of "silly Suffolk," divided the pie into a big bit and a little bit, and pushing over the latter said, "I likes things fair. I cut and you choose, take that or none."