11 JUNE 1864, Page 1

We were mistaken in assuming that Dr. Stanley had declined

the honorary Cambridge degree of LL.D. It was conferred on yesterday week, the day after the Prince's degree and those of his suite, amidst cheering almost as warm as greeted Lord Pal- merston's degree, the attempt at hisses, by a few antique Simeonites who were not known in the University, only serving to provoke and prolong the most enthusiastic demonstration in his favour. On the previous evening the Prince and Princess of

Wales had driven from the theatre to the Fitzwilliam Museum, where a ball was given in their honour, an electric light on St. Mary's Church being-directed on to the carriage-as it passed along, for the convenience of ispectators, and also, we suppose, to persuade the Princess that to her even the elements had become obsequious.