11 JUNE 1864, Page 13


Cambridge, June 6, 1864. SIR,—You will hardly require me to point out to you a mis- take in your summary of news for last week. Not only did the non-placet of Dr. Stanley's degree get triumphantly out-voted by a majority of six to one, but the Dean himself did us the compliment of ignoring the narrow minority of such contrary elements, and became one of us. Your mistake arose from the fact that the Prince of Wales's degree was conferred on him at a special congregation, in company only with his suite. Few of those present will forget the eloquent Latinity of our Public Orator's peroration when he presented the Dean for his degree ; and when at the close of an enumeration of his various merits, his striking power of biography, his love of truth, he addressed him thus :—" Te igitur Oxoniensibus tuis invidemus. Talis cum sis, uoster esto," the thunder of applause effectually drowned the spiteful hisses of the opposition, and made the Dean feel, as he afterwards said, that a little opposition added a zest to the honour. I should not have troubled you with this note, had I not felt anxious to claim the honour of Dr. Stanley's connection for our University.—I remain, your obedient servant, H. L. W.