11 JUNE 1864, Page 22

Every Good GO from Above. By the Archbishop of Dublin.

(Mac- millan and Co.)—Man's Excellency a Cause of Praise and Thankfulness to God. By the Bishop of St. Andrew's. (Smith, Elder and Co.)—The two sermons preached, at Stratford-on-Avon during the Tercentenary Festival are attempts to answer the question "Why should a pious man thank God for Shakespeare ?" It was almost inevitable that the preachers should try to show that the poet's writings prove him to have been a peculiarly pions man, in which we cannot say that they have attained any remarkable success. Dr. Trench is the more readable, because he labours less at his impracticable theme. But tercentenary festivals are so foreign to-the English character that speeches in con- nection with them becdute sermons, and sermons essays.