11 JUNE 1937, Page 21


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

Si,—In the little village from which I write stands Pusey House, in which E. B. Pusey was born 137 years ago. In the grounds of the house is a tiny church in which Dr. Pusey worshipped and officiated : his portrait is hung on the south wall, and a surplice which he wore is preserved in affectionate remembrance of him.

Now the little church is in sad disrepair : the rain is coming through the roof. The rector (Rev. J. W. Cole) and his churchwarden (Mr. M. HOrnby) have appealed for contribu- tions to a repair fund. I have been appointed Hon. Treasurer of the fund. There may be those who agree and those who- do not agree with Dr. Pusey's teaching. But he has been _dead these 55 years : controversy is ended. His memory remains as that of a great man, a great scholar, a great churchman, a great son of Oxford.

The people of the village attend the church and keep its walks and hedges trim. But literally there are but three or four people in the village who could contribute money. If anyone will send me a contribution, however small, in memory of the. great old man, it will be very thankfully received..