11 JUNE 1937, Page 42

HOLYROOD By Charles A. Malcolm

Dr. Malcolm's little book would have been more worthy Of its place in • a

Historic Buildings Series" (Duck- worth, 3s. 6d.) if he had taken more pains to describe the Palace and ruined Abbey at Holyrood as they are, and given less space to historic episodes, some of which are repeated in different forms. He says that Bruce rebuilt the Palace for Charles II "in' the Classical form. in favour at the time " • it Would be more accurate to say that Bruce made a free copy of the Château at Chanrifly iii the French Renaissance style so much favoured in _Scotland. The early history of the Abbey is given at length, but one would like to know more about its destruction, for its various buildings must have been far larger than the sixteenrh-centuryjialace which English armies . twice t. Dr. Malcolm- -gives -some -interesting - illustrations -from drawings and -photo- graphs 'but lilt' plan—of • Holyrood is wholly inadequate.