11 JUNE 1965, Page 13

Diplomatic Faints

Sia,—Although the Russians have promised to be- have themselves at Wimbledon this year, your com- ment on their tendency to throw diplomatic faints when confronted with tennis players from countries that the Soviet Union is supposed particularly to dislike (Spectator, May 28) is not altogether fair.

In last year's Wimbledon tournament the follow-

ing result was recorded in the second round of the men's singles championships: M. Santana (Spain) beat T. Lcjus (Russia) 6-4, 6-2, 6-2. No doubt this Wimbledon Lcjus is the man who scratched in Paris recently rather than play Drysdale, from wicked South Africa.

I can only deduce from this that Franco, the fascist dictator of Spain, is now clean—according to Com- munist writ. Perhaps, as some of us have been say- ing for a long time now, the Russians have come to realise that their government and Spain's are very much alike.

What unfair discrimination, then, against the un- doubtedly foul tyranny in South Africa. To me they all look alike!


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