11 JUNE 1965, Page 13

Unfair to Theology

SIR,—A rescue operation is required for the word 'theology,' which has recently been found too often in the wrong company. Mr. Harold Wilson, I think, started its downfall when he dismissed the dispute over Clause Four as 'mere theology,' and now Alan Watkins, in your last issue, informs us that `the Labour Party is rich in procedural theology'—both cases where the connection with the Almighty seems a little tenuous. As one who has suffered much at the theologians' hands I sympathise with the opinion that theology is often confused and remote. But the theologians have difficulty enough showing their sub- ject is not non-sense; if 'theology' comes to mean obscure irrelevance, their case will be hopeless. Shall we keep 'theology' as a respectable word? •


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