11 JUNE 1988, Page 30


Sir: With mounting trepidation I have been awaiting Lord Montagu's response to my letter in your columns of 30 April. Alas, it appears that I am correct in believing that English Heritage is an unaccountable quango that refuses to take part in public debate. How sad.

However, while my criticisms of English Heritage have gone unanswered, I am even more perturbed in visiting Kenwood House to discover a notice on the door declaring that it is now closing at 5 p.m. instead of the usual 7 p.m. due to lack of staff. This is another unacceptable erosion in access to the house and its magnificent art collection, left to the nation by the first Lord Iveagh.

When did Lord Montagu last advertise for staff? When did George Levy, chair- man of the Friends of Kenwood, last complain at the failure of English Heritage to do its duty?

Gerald Isaaman

9 Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London NW3