11 MARCH 1865, Page 1

Since the evacuation of Charleston and of Fort Anderson, ,

near Wilmington, the only considerable military event has been the loss of Wilmington itself by the Confederates, which took place on the 22nd February. General Schofield occupied the city, and sent General Terry in pursuit of the retreating force of the Confederates. They fell back northwards, no doubt bound to Virginia. This gives the Federal commander a new base on the sea for the prosecution of the campaign against Richniond, and renders the evacuation of Richmond by General Lee far more probable than before. There is no fresh news from Sherman ex- cept the evidence of the Richmond papers that he enforces strict discipline on his line of march, and " punishes all outrages upon citizens." The Southern papers have been forbidden to publish news of Sherman's operations, and as he is far in the interior, marching through North Carolina towards the Danville railroad, his own despatches cannot reach the Government till he opens communications with Wilmington.