11 MARCH 1865, Page 1

The Record of Wednesday had a sensation article, rather refresh-

ing in the Sahara of its recent gritty dogmatism, on the Dean of Westminster's recent paper published in Fraser's Magazine on "The Theology of the Nineteenth Century." The Record ends its review with describing the substance of that paper as sheer INFIDELITY, printing the last word in capital letters and with a line to itself like a spir:taal telegram. The Record finds that Dr. Stanley holds the only articles of belief essential to religion to be " the moral attributes of Gol " and the "moral duties of men," that everything beyond this belongs to theology, — that theology is produced by "human reasoning," and consists only of "the theories of thinking men." We read Dr. Stanley's paper without 'discover- ing this wonderful conclusion of the Recw.ds. Theology is the knowledge offered us by God of Himself, and is of course indepen- dent of our powers of apprehension, but Dr. Stanley differs from the Record in thinking that undeveloped or unexerted powers of

apprehension may prevent us from seeing a light which "shines in darkness," while the Record thinks that too much developed and too earnestly exerted powers of apprehension will prevent us from seeing that light. The Record thinks that to open your eyes to discriminate anxiously every detail of revelation, human and divine, is infidelity ; Dr. Stanley thinks that to close them to any such detail is infidelity.