11 MARCH 1865, Page 19

Adam and the Adamite ; or, the Harmony of Scripture

and Ethnology. By Dominiok M'Causland, Q.C., LL.D. (Richard Bentley.)—It is per- haps inevitable that when a man has thought out for himself a chain of reasoning which SWAM to him to reconcile the conflicting assertions of science and revelation, he should desire to impart it to others ; and Mr. M'Causland puts his views with a moderation and clearness which con- ciliate his readers. He boldly abandons the theory of the descent of all the various human races from Adam and Eve, and regards " the Scrip- ture record of Adam's creation as what it professes to be—the record of the origin of the first of the Adamic race." He thinks that Adam was an immortal man, created to increase, and multiply, and replenish the earth, which was previously inhabited only by uncivilized races, which must have ever remained in that low state without some such intervention of the Almighty. All this is supported with much inge- nuity, and worked out to the complete satisfaction of the author. It may be doubted whether it will satisfy any one else, or will better bear examination than the theories of Buckland and Pratt on a kindred sub- ject.