11 MARCH 1865, Page 19

Jacob's Flight; or, a Pilgrimage to Saran. By Mrs. Beke.

(Long- man and Co.)—Dr. Beke has long had a theory that Haran, the resi- dence of Laban, and place whence Abraham was called, was in the Ager Damascenus, and not Mesopotamia. Learning by chance that there was a town called Haran near Damascus, he went there, and now he holds his theory more warmly than ever. There certainly seems to be a good deal of probability in it, to say the least. Mrs. Bake gives us a very pleasant narrative of this excursion, with some excellent illustra- tions, and Dr. Bake adds an introduction containing his theory. Those who only want a narrative of Eastern travel can pass over the Doctor's share of the book, and then will certainly not be disappointed.