11 MARCH 1865, Page 19

Sunset in Provence, and Other Tales of Martyr Times. (T.

Nelson and Sons.)—Pleasantly written, these five stories of suffering endured at the hands of the Catholic Church by Protestants will doubtless have many readers. It is just the sort of book that parents present to their chil- dren, with a most sublime indifference to the fact that the Church of England has hardly so much in common with the tenets of the Albi- genses as with those of Rome herself. Calvinists of Holland, Waldenses, Huguenots, and Albigenses are all here represented as the mildest, most patient, and tolerant of Evangelical Christians, and the theory is a very pretty one, if not quite historically true. Children will learn from these stories how a Protestant ought to behave under persecution, and we will hope will fail to draw the uncharitable conclusion with regard to Romanists which underlies them all.