11 MARCH 1865, Page 19

The True Theory of the Subjunctive, or the Logic of

the Latin Language. By Gavin Hamilton. (Simpkin, Marshall; and Co.)—Mr. Hamilton boldly declares war on all the German scholars, Zumpt and Kruger no less than Grotefend and Forbiger, and then tilts manfully at their English followers, including even Mr. Horsman. He will hold no parley either with the " essential-part " theory, or the " dependence " theory, or the "-predicate" theory. And as for his critics, he tramples on them so cruelly and compares them to so many disagreeable things that we really do not dare to express any opinion whatever. Indeed, as Mr. Hamilton compares a person, who has accused him of misrepresenting Zumpts to the editor of a-newspaper who complains of false witness and to Satan reproving sin, he clearly considers newspapers to be things -whose opinions are not valuable. But we beg to inform our readers that Mr. Hamilton's theory, or " the true theory," of the subjunctive is that it "expresses something exceptional or extraordinary." In how small compass may a great and fruitful truth be packed !