11 MARCH 1865, Page 2

It is reported that the Home Secretary has advised the

issue of a full pardon to Pelizzioni. After the verdict of the jury declaring that Gregorio Mogui struck the blow which caused the death of Michael Harrington there was no other course possible, but it is strange how much obscurity still hangs over the affair. That Gregorio stabbed some one is quite clear, but that one of them was the deceased is only matter of conjecture, and the positive testimony that Pelizzioni was dragged off Harrington, and Harrington's own statement when dying that he was the man, remain still unexplained. It is to be noticed that while the grand jury thought Gregorio the man, the petty jury who tried Pelizzioni still adhere to their verdict. Our own impression is that while Pelizzioni was innocent, the true facts of the case are even yet not known.