11 MARCH 1865, Page 2

The letters of the Times correspondent from the South have

entirely changed their tone. He- writes from Charleston on the 14th and 23rd of January, anticipates its evacuation, and speaks of South Carolina as quite disposed to make terms with "a magnanimous foe." " On all sides I am warned in Charleston that American is not to be judged by the same rules as European

human nature." He contrasts the tone of the South Ctirolinians and other Southerners with that of the Virginians, amply proving that the South has Abt as Mr. Gladstone contended, been made a " nation " by its union in defence of slavery. Virginia, of all the Southern States, had that evil institution in its mildest and least corrupting form, and Virginia alone has independence fairly at heart. The Times correspondent strongly asserts the excessive unpopularity of Mr. Davis's Administration in the cotton States, and speaks of them all as without "backbone."