11 MARCH 1865, Page 3

Mr. Edward Senior, the brother of Mr. Nassau Senior, so

well known for his notes of foreign dialogue and poor-law com- missions in Dublin, has followed his brother speedily to the grave. His end was a terrible one, being killed while crossing the Galway railway near Phoenix Park, Dublin, on Tuesday last. He was only 58 years old. It seems that he was in the habit of walk- ing home to his house, Ashtown Lodge, through the park, and of crossing the railway at a level crossing. The policeman on duty frequently remonstrated with him for crossing when a train was in sight, and he wrote to the directors to complain of this annoy- ance, saying that being warned he accepted the responsibility of passing, and desired not to be worried about it. He was notwith- standing earnestly warned on this occasion, and again accepted a responsibility of which he did not know the extent. There is something very irritating in the abstract rule which keeps you, if a train is in sight, however far off, waiting to cross for about the time in which you could pass twenty such distances, and no doubt if the irritation occurred daily it would lead one into rash practical protests against such a law. Mr. Edward Senior was an able and thoughtful writer, though, less familiar to the world than his brother.