11 MARCH 1865, Page 3

Mr. White asked Lord Palmerston on Thursday whether he in-

tended to conciliate the Brazilian Government by repealing the - Aberdeen Act, which gives us the power to condemn Brazilian slavers. The Premier, we are happy to perceive, was most distinct in his reply. Ile should not propose to repeal the Act, for without it the slave. trade would be resumed to an unlimited extent. Brazil, for instance, could support millions of slaves. It was of course to be expected that the advocates of slavery would be busiest just when their -dearly loved system was giving way, but we should like to know how Mr. White comes to be enrolled among them. Does he ap- prove the slave trade? Because, in that case, the artizans of Brighton who return him will perhaps remember that he thinks it right or indifferent to make workmen work under the lash with- -out wages.