11 MARCH 1922, Page 1

The statement of Conservative and Unionist principles, which was published

in all the papers on Wednesday, signed by Lord Salisbury and Lord Carson and a number of olrher distinguished- men is a very important and, from most points of view, a very satisfactory document. Those who signed it are not only Fersons of importance, but persons whom the country regards as men of honour, principle, and good intent. They very rightly begin by drawing attention to the dangers of the present situation and the need for affirming the principles of stability and progress, which the Conservative and Unionist Party have always upheld. The chief among these principles are :—(1) The authority of Parliament. (2) The protection of the individual in respect of life, liberty and property. (3) Resistance to political crimes, such as murder, arson, theft, and intimidation, carried out for the promotion of political aims. (4) The avoidance of excessive -taxation and meddlesome officialism. (5) Freedom of enter- prise. (6) Sound and beneficent administration. (7) Pre- servation of peace at home and abroad. (8) Firm and unselfish, government throughout the Empire. The signatories end by declaring that they invite the co-operation of every honest and patriotic citizen.