11 MARCH 1922, Page 13


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SLR,—Your correspondence on this subject has sent me to delve in my family memorials, and your readers may be interested in the result. My grandmothers were both daughters of John Conyers, of Copt Hall, Essex, by his wife, nee Lady Henrietta Fermor, a sister of the Lady Sophia ci ranville, by tradition an early flame of Horace Walpole, and recalled to us, together with her daughter, Lady Sophia Carteret, in many of his delightful letters. My elder grandmother married Wm. Baker. of Bayfordbury, Herts, and died in 1847, aged eighty-nine. I myself was born in 1845, so that the stretch in this instance, embracing an elderly person, say, of eighty-five years of age, as intervener, easily reaches to 250 years with but one link.—I am. Sir, he., A. CONYERS BAKER. 22 Cottesmore Carden:, Tr. 8.