11 MARCH 1922, Page 14


Kmuswas.—The Yellow Jacket . . 1.15-2.30 [The Chinese play which In 1913 taught London audi- ences to make their own scenery. Mr. Holman Clark appears in his original part as The Property Man.] QUEEN' S.—David Garrick . . . . .. LIS-2.10 [The familiar play turned into a comedy opera. Mr. Miles hialleson as Squire Chivy, Mr. Paul Shelving the decor-designer, and Mrs. Lovat Fraser the contriver of some wonderful spoof theatricaldresses In the last act make the piece.] DALY'S.—The Lady of the Rose . . . . L16-2.13 [Miss Phyllis Dare, Mr. Huntley Wright and Mr. Hairy Welchman in a show full of whips that crack, brows that beetle and satin-shoed soubrettes.] CatIIRCH HOUSE, WESTMINSTER. — The igt.untii march _Martin's Pageant . . • • 18th at 8.30. [Two hundred amateurs, a " book " by Mr. Housman, and some very good decorative effects.]