11 MARCH 1922, Page 2

On Saturday last, Mr. Churchill, speaking at Loughborough, advocated the

continuance of the Coalition—" the best Govern- ment I have ever seen "—as the surest means Of repelling the attacks of the Socialist Party. He commented on the fact that of the two Labour candidates for Dundee one is a Socialist And the other an avowed Communist. The only difference between them was that "a Socialist will coax and wheedle Ton and argue you into ruin, and the Communist would ram min down your throat with a bayonet on the Russian plan." lie praised the Government for all their works and said that le prospects of a revival of prosperity would be shattered Ay the advent of a Socialist Ministry. He repeated his assertion hat the Soeialists were unfit to govern. They were a. dam-

party with a class policy. They were bitterly divided among themselves, and the leaders were afraid to lead. Their absurd doctrines ignored human nature. Socialism was an ancient delusion and meant nothing less than slavery for the mass of the people.