11 MARCH 1922, Page 2

The Government of India seem to have lost -sight entirely

of the fact.that the Empire is a huge Trust ; that the Moslems of India are but a section of -the various races and peoples ; and that the Empire can be governed only on the understanding that the central authority accepts no dictation from any section. We must return to this lamentable subject next week Mean- while we can say no more than this by way of comment : that anyone might have foreseen the kind of trouble which would follow if there were delay in making peace with Turkey. Im- mediately after the War the Turks would have accepted almost any terms justly imposed upon them. The delay has embroiled, everything and everybody. What the British people will not tolerate now is that the Government should tell them that things have "gone so far" in India that India must be dealt with on the Irish plan. In the case of Ireland we consented, because we could not do otherwise, to this necessary doctrine of, despair. But the Government should take warning in time that the nation will not quietly allow them to bring Indian affairs into a parallel condition and then apply to India the arguments which they applied to Ireland.