11 MARCH 1922, Page 24

In the Ifiztory of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, Volume X_XIV.,

part 3, for 1921, which has just been .issued, will be found the full report of an address on water-fowl which Lord Grey of Fallodon, the President, gave to the Club last October. In this charming paper Lord Grey describe-a the water-fowl that inhabit a pool at Fallodon, which is protected from foxes and forms a sanctuary for the birds. He notes, for instance, the curious fact that while most British drakes suffer an " eclipse " after the breeding season, some foreign drakes do not change colour throughout the year. Many rare birds come and settle in the pool, when they find that it is kept free from intruders. Lord Grey mentions a Chloe wigeon drake, which was bought full-grown in 1888 and died of old age twenty years later. The paper is illustrated with photographs and will interest all who care for wild birds.