11 MARCH 1922, Page 3

Lord Trevethin, who at the age of seventy-eight was appointed

Lord Chief Justice last April, resigned his office last week. The Morning Post says that he was compelled to resign suddenly and with scant courtesy. He has been succeeded, in accordance with general expectation, by Sir Gordon Hewett, who is to receive a peerage. Sir Gordon Hewart, as the ablest of the Coalition Liberal Ministers, was induced by the Prime Minister to retain the Attorney-Generalship instead of going to the Bench last year. It may be inferred, perhaps, that in the changed situation Mr. Lloyd George no longer feels it necessary to keep his trusted follower in the House. Sir Ernest Pollock has become Attorney-General, and the office of Solicitor-General, thus vacated, has been given to another Unionist, Mr. Leslie Scott, who is one of the busiest and most talented men at the Bar. These changes will cause by- elections in East Leicester and in the Exchange division of Liverpool, though it seems that Mr. Scott may not be opposed.