11 MARCH 1966, Page 13

The Tory Task

SIR,—This letter, from a businessman not officially connected with the Conservative party, is a plea that the party shall restate its basic position in un- mistakable terms.

In the forefront of the programme should be placed the following : 1. Recognising that the Government, not industry, is responsible for our overseas deficit; aid and other similar charges, which we cannot afford, should be cancelled forthwith.

2. A plan must be worked out to set the pound free and thus relieve us of stop-go.

3. More effective anti-monopoly legislation and reduction of import duties to permit a return to free competition.

4. Apply the law of contract equally to all indi- viduals (including trade unions).

5. Simplify taxation.

6. The state should cease to provide benefits such as education, medical treatment and the like to those who can afford to provide their own, but the expense of so doing should be allowable against the taxation of the individual.

If the party leaders have the courage to adopt a programme including the above, and only if. do they have the possibility of success on March 31. D. MACGREGOR 6 Pitt Road, Epsom. Surrey