11 MARCH 1995, Page 27

Seeing is believing

Sir: With reference to the article by Alas- dair Palmer (`Does white mean right?', 18 February) and further letter from Frank Price (25 February), I would make the fol- lowing observations.

As a consultant urologist I have had cause to examine the male genitalia of 250 patients upwards a year, for over 25 years. My unstatistically supported observations would be that phallic dimensions are remarkably standard across all ethnic groups.

At either end of the spectrum there are surprises. I have found persons of small stature alarmingly equipped and six-foot plus athletes quite pathetically endowed, In neither area has there been an apparent relationship to intelligence or the lack of it.

The functional effect must surely be judged by the opposite sex who, if per- turbed, should possibly seek a test drive before purchase.

Dr John Wickham 29 Devonshire Place, London W1