11 MAY 1901, Page 1


THE war news for the past week is exactly like that which we chronicled last Saturday. There have been con- siderable captures of men, horses, oxen, rifles, and stores, but no sensational incidents. Three more guns have, however, been taken. There have been rumours of a concentration of the Boer forces on a large scale, but it is doubtful whether they have any real foundation. It would seem that at the moment the most active commando is that of Viljoen. The Times correspondent notes that under the new arrangements men who surrender are prima' facie regarded as prisoners of war, but the commander to whom they surrender may, if he thinks fit, class them, not as prisoners of war, but as surren- dered men. That seems reasonable, as the old plan of allow- ing men to fight up to the last moment and then come in and surrender, not as combatants but as inhabitants, was liable to great abuse.