11 MAY 1901, Page 1

The international armies are silently withdrawing from Pekin. The Americans

have gone, the French are under orders, the Anglo-Indians depart regiment by regiment, and the Germans only await a despatch accepting the indemnity "in principle." The Russians are returning to Port Arthur, and only the Japanese remain in full force. The administra- tion of the city is being handed, over to the Chinese officials, who, it is admitted, maintain order better than the Europeans, and the Ambassadors will shortly be left to them and their permanent guards. They must feel a little as if they were in a balloon. Not one of them has seen the Empress or any of her trusted Councillors since the outbreak, and not one of them would 'venture 2 to present himself before the Sovereign with whom he is negotiating. The seclusion which the Chinese Court affects even in Pekin is certainly perfect in Sian.