11 MAY 1901, Page 1

The recent Census of Australia shows that while the Free-

trade Colony of New South Wales has largely increased its population, the Colony of Victoria, which is Protectionist, has lost fifty thousand souls. This is a great blow to Melbourne, which nevertheless received the Duke of Cornwall on the 6th inst. with loyal enthusiasm, some three hundred thousand persons attending the ceremonial, and receiving the Duke with the heartiest bursts of cheering. The procession through the city is said to have been seven miles long, and lasted for two hours, but there was no break in the welcoming, which extended even to the Chinese. Twelve thousand troops were present, including a body of artillery, said to be the finest men physically in the Empire, their average height being above 5 ft. 11 in. The Duke's replies to addresses are said to give exceeding satisfaction. They always express two sentiments, appreciation of Australian loyalty, as tending to the unity of the Empire, and a cordial feeling for the hosts who welcomed the Duke and his brother when as boys they visited Melbourne. The Parliament of the new Commonwealth was opened on the

9th inst. with great ceremony and a telegram from the King conveying hearty good wishes.